How to change or reset Hulu password?

Forgetting passwords is something that we all are familiar with as it happens with all of us. But, at the same time, the ability to reset it is a great feature that all the online platform offers to its users. The same is the case with Hulu as it lets you change as well as reset your password in case you forget it. Well, changing a password is a good habit if you want to restrict any unwanted access to your account. On the other hand, Hulu password reset comes in handy in case you cannot remember your log in details.

Hulu password reset

So, in this tutorial, we shall learn the methods to change or reset the Hulu password along with the tips to create a strong password.

Learn how to change your Hulu password

In case you want to know the Hulu change password process, here is how it goes:

  1. Go to the Hulu account login page.
  2. Provide your current Hulu login details to log in to your account.
  3. From your account, go to your ‘Account’ page.
  4. After that, click on the ‘Change Password’ option.
  5. Here, you have to enter your ‘Current Password’.
  6. Then, enter the new password you wish to use from now onwards.
  7. Enter the same password again for confirmation.
  8. Make choice if you want to log out of all the other devices and click ‘Save’.

The method to reset your Hulu password

You can find below the Hulu password reset process which lets you recover your account in case you cannot remember the login password of your Hulu account:

You can also refer to the article to know more about the password reset process.

  1. Go to from your browser.
  2. Click on the ‘Login’ option at the top-right corner.
  3. On the login form, select ‘Forgot Your Password/Email?’
  4. On the page that appears, enter your email address.
  5. Select the ‘Send me a link’ option to proceed.
  6. Navigate to your email client and open the password reset email.
  7. Follow the password reset instructions and set a new password.
  8. Or, go directly to
  9. Click on ‘Send me a reset link’ and follow some easy prompts.
  10. After you reset your password, you need to use the same password afterward.

Hulu password requirements for a strong password

While creating a new Hulu password, you must keep the following things in your mind:

  • It must be 6 or more characters long
  • Must include a mix or combination of number, special characters, upper and lower case letters
  • Do not use numbers or letters in a sequence
  • Do not include personal information
  • Make sure you use different passwords to access different online accounts


These instructions shall definitely help you in resetting or changing your Hulu password. However, if you have forgotten the username, then you have to follow a different procedure for the same. The account username recovery option is present in the password recovery page itself.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. How do I access my Hulu account?

To access your Hulu account, go to and click on the ‘Log In’ option at the top-right corner. After that, you need to enter your Hulu login details such as username and password and click on the ‘sign in’ option.

  1. How to find your Hulu username and password?

In case you have forgotten your Hulu username or password, go to and click on the ‘Login’ option at the top-right corner. On the login page, select the ‘Forgot Your Password/Email?’ option and follow the instructions to recover your username or reset your password.

  1. How do I bypass the Hulu location?

To do so, you need to download a compatible VPN that works perfectly with Hulu. After that, install and run the VPN and select a server location so that you can ultimately block Hulu after making the necessary changes.

  1. Why isn’t my Hulu account working?

The most obvious reasons why your Hulu account is not working is because you might be typing the incorrect login details. Make sure the Caps Lock is not On while entering the password and verify the internet connectivity to avoid any hurdle during the account login.

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