How do you change or reset your PayPal password?

A PayPal account is your key to open the gates of many online banking facilities, be it making transactions, using PayPal Credit services, and much more. However, to keep your account secure and away from any unauthorized logins, you should keep on changing your PayPal account password from time to time. However, in case you have forgotten your password, you need to first reset it. So, in the sections given below, we shall learn the method to change PayPal password as well as PayPal password reset.

Reset PayPal password

However, before you begin the actual procedure to change the password of your PayPal account, you should note that this can be only done over the website of PayPal and not on the PayPal application. So, without further ado, let us try to understand both processes one by one.

The method change PayPal password

As already discussed that it is important to change your PayPal password at a regular interval in order to keep your account secure from hackers, so here are the steps to do the same:

  1. Open the official website of PayPal on your device.
  2. The URL for the official website is-
  3. If not logged in, then you have to log in to your account
  4. Now, click on the “Settings” icon displayed on your screen
  5. Next up, you need to tap on the “Security” option to open the “Security” tab
  6. From the available options, choose “Password”
  7. Further, you will be asked to enter the current password of your PayPal account
  8. Now, enter the new password you want to use for your PayPal account
  9. Finally, select the “Change password” option

This is how you can change PayPal password in a few easy steps. Moving on, we shall now discuss the method of PayPal password reset.

Instructions for PayPal password reset

In case you have forgotten your PayPal password and wish to reset it, then you should follow the easy instructions given hereby:

  1. Go to the official website of PayPal
  2. Click on the “Log In” button available at the top-right corner
  3. Complete the “Security challenge” that appears on your screen
  4. Select the “Having trouble logging in?” under the “Log In” button
  5. Next up, enter your registered email address and choose “Next”
  6. Now, PayPal will send you a password reset email
  7. Follow the instructions given in this email
  8. Choose a new password for your PayPal account

Method to Change forgotten PayPal password

In case you have forgotten your PayPal password and wish to change it, then the only thing you can do is reset your password first and then change it whenever you wish to. So, the method to reset PayPal password has been given in the section above. After which you can carry on with the process to change PayPal password. However, when you reset your password, it is not necessary to change it because resetting it itself means creating a new account password.

Change Forgotten PayPal Password without an Email ID

In case you are already logged in to your account, then there is no need to use the email address for the purpose of changing your password. However, if you want to reset your password, then you will require your email address to recover your account. To recover your PayPal email ID, follow the steps given here:

  1. Go to the login page of PayPal using a browser
  2. Then, select the “Having trouble logging in?”
  3. On the next page, choose “Forgot your email?”
  4. Choose how you want to recover your account and click “Next”
  5. Based on the chosen option, complete some prompts


This is how the PayPal Password Change or Recovery process works. Hopefully, we were able to help you in the process to change PayPal password or reset it. In case you are still facing trouble while changing or resetting your password, then you may use another account recovery option to regain access to your account.

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