How to change WiFi password?

Whether you are working on your PC or laptop, you need Wi-Fi to get connected. Hence, it is very important to use a secured Wi-Fi connection that can keep your information secured from vulnerable risks. It is essential to keep your router password protected and to change it on a regular basis, doing this will keep your data and network risk-free. Change my WiFi password is one of the options that can keep hackers and scammers away from stealing your bandwidth.

change WiFi password

To change WiFi password you need to access the configuration page of your router and then login with your credentials that are currently in access with your account. The final step is to change the password present beneath the wireless settings menu. Here, in this article, you will get to learn the steps to reset the Wi-Fi password without any error or issues. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the reset process.

How to change WiFi name and password?

Be it Windows 10, Mac or any mobile device, the process to reset WiFi password is the same everywhere. The basic steps to change the WiFi password are as follows:-

  1. Open and access your router’s configuration page: Access your router’s configuration page through a web browser if you do not have access to your WIFI on your desktop. Enter the router’s address on the web browser’s search bar. You can also press the Windows key+R simultaneously and then enter cmd. Once, you see command prompts, type “ipconfiq” and press “Enter”. Find the “Default Gateway” address.
  2. Enter the password and the user name linked with your router’s account: The password is required by every router before it starts to connect. If you have never modified the password of your router then there are chances that the password and username are set to “admin”. This varies from routers model to model, so it is recommended to search your router model to see the exact details of your router. If you have changed the password and forgot it, then you need to reset WiFi password by click and holding the Reset button for about 30 seconds.
  3. Click and open the Wireless section: Once you are logged in to the router’s account you need to find the Wireless section on the configuration page. Generally, you have to search for the “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup” tab. If you see multiple “Wireless” sections then you need to open the Wireless Security page.
  4. Modify the password as preferred by you: Go to the “Password” box followed by “Passphrase” or “Shared Key”. Enter your new password in this space. Remember; try to create a unique and strong password.
  5. Check your preferences for your security type: There are generally three types of wireless encryption: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. To get the premium security features for your network use WPA2. There can be issues connecting with the old devices, however, in such cases, you can switch to WPA or WPA2. You can select WEP but it is commonly not recommended, as WEP is easy to break.
  6. Change the Network name: It is always a better option to change your network name. It is important to remember that the name should not include any personal identifiable information. Changing the name will block the seeker to break into your valuable information.
  7. In last, save all the changes made by you: Once, you have entered the new password, click on the “Apply or Save” option. The option is located differently for every router, but generally, it is present at the top of the page. Now, the router will take a few minutes to process the changes, if you are connected you will be disconnected. Once your settings are changes successfully, you can then connect to your wireless network using your new password.


If you are wondering how do I change WiFi password? Then you don’t need to worry as the steps mentioned in the article have helped you to resolve the related issues. However, if you are stuck in between these steps, then you can get help from the technical assistance by visiting your router’s official website to resolve the issues.

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