Destiny 2 weekly reset- A guide for Beginners

It is one of the most important days that come in the week, those who want to get the most out of Bungie’s loot-filled shooter games. Many of the gamers wait for these days as there are certain activities in the game, specifically those which offer high-level shoot. These levels are capped at dropping their rewards once per week so considering the day on which these activities reset and start over is a key secret that will help you to reach the higher levels and try out the new challenges in the game.

Destiny 2 weekly reset

The arrival of the Forsaken character also sees tweaks to “Daily” reset for few activities that are worth to learn that are related to maximizing your loot returns. So, if you are interested in reaching higher levels then you can consider this article an important readout. Here, you will get to learn about the general queries such as when does destiny 2 reset? and when destiny 2 is weekly reset?

When does Destiny 2 reset?

The destiny 2 reset time is a date any hardcore gaming fan of Bungie’s action game has inscribed in their minds.  If you are one such gamer then you might have noticed by now that the most rewarding activities and power level cannot be given in the same week and therefore the destiny 2 daily reset is so important that it should become the central part of any upgrading level strategy.

Here, are some of the reset time in Destiny 2 for each major region and their respective game modes that you need to prioritize when it happens:-

  • In US Eastern the destiny 2 reset time is 1 pm.
  • In US Western the destiny 2 reset time is 10 am.
  • In British regions, the reset time is 6 pm.
  • For the European regions, the destiny 2 weekly reset times is 7 pm.

Point to remember: – The destiny 2 reset time is scheduled at the time of US Pacific time and that includes the Daylight Savings and the Standard time. You need to acknowledge that the reset happens at 10 am. So, you really need to be quick for the timer set for the reset updates.

However, it is explained that you should not mix the destiny 2 weekly reset countdown with destiny 2 daily reset process as destiny 2 reset time shifts every hour later.

When is Destiny 2 weekly reset?

If you want to become a valor soldier safeguarding your clan, then you need to be a gaming pro in understanding destiny 2 reset time. It is important to keep in mind that the Bungie may take it very seriously to maintain the updates time est, this week, especially when the updates file is large in size.

If we talk weekly, then the destiny 2 weekly reset takes place every Tuesday. Every day you will see a different activity to reset. And this activity challenge will last for four days, after which the reset and modification will take place. So, if you go for the Strike challenge on a Tuesday, then you will experience the reset after the four days. And, you have these four days to complete the task. Once the task given is completed, you just need to wait for the reset process.

If you are confused that from where the destiny 2 daily reset is coming, then you should understand that each activity is spread out one day apart. So if you go for reset strikes on Tuesday, then you can reset Gambit (another activity) on Wednesday then you will get a different challenge on Thursday and so on.

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