How to fix Windows 10 settings not working issue?

In Windows 10, the use of the setting feature is simple to work with and very user-friendly. You can personalize and control many other operations such as Windows updates, privacy, user accounts, networks, etc. Besides this, some settings may stop working and you have to face Windows 10 settings won’t open or working issue. Are you also facing an issue with the settings of the Windows 10 version? You don’t need to be panic about it, as we are going to tell you how to fix your Windows 10 settings won’t open or working issue.

Windows 10 settings not working

Methods to Fix Windows 10 settings won’t open or working

There are various methods that you can try to reset your Windows 10. Let’s go through it one by one. Try all these methods one by one to fix the issue related to Window 10 settings.

Method 1: Try to open settings in different ways

  1. Go in the search bar
  2. Type Settings and then click the results
  3. Use short key “Win+I” to open the settings
  4. Move to the action center and click on the “All settings”
  5. Give a command using Win+R, type ms-settings in the Run window then press enter

Note: If any of the above ways woks, choose Update & Security then click on Troubleshoot. Look at the problem and run the troubleshooter that matches your current problem. If settings of Windows 10 are not opened yet try these methods mentioned below.

Method 2: Make sure Setting App is enabled

Check that if you may have disabled Windows settings via Windows Registry Editor or Group Policy. So, this will be a good idea to check the status of Window 10 Settings if the problem Windows 10 settings won’t open or work.

Method 3: Try to run a system file checker

Check if there is any corrupted system file, which may lead to not opening of Windows 10 settings. Try to run an SFC scan as it may help to find out corrupted files. If you find any corrupted file in your system removes it immediately.

Method 4: Try to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows update could solve Windows settings not working issue. So you can try Windows Update Troubleshooter to let the app open and work normally. Let’s see how we can fix the problem using Window 10 Troubleshooter.

  1. Open Control Panel, look for Troubleshoot, and select it
  2. Now go to a new window, click on the Fix problems with Window update
  3. Then follow the instructions to finish the fix.

Method 5: Create a new Windows User

As your Windows 10 settings won’t open or working, so you will not be able to create a new account via the app. You can try these mentioned commands to create a new Window User

  1. Go to the command prompt window by using admin privileges
  2. Try to run the command: net user new username, new password /add, and then press enter
  3. Now you will get a message with the information of command completed successfully

Method 7: Try to reinstall Windows 10

After trying the above steps if Windows 10 settings have not started working yet then try to reinstall the operating system as this is the last option. But, make sure to back up your important file before moving forward to reinstall your Windows 10.


So, as we have discussed all the best possible methods to fix Windows 10 settings won’t open or working issues and reset Windows 10. Go through all the methods and try all of them one by one. We are very sure that your Windows 10 setting not working problem will be solved. If you have further any query you can contact on official site of Windows 10.

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