How do I connect Windows 10 to my home network?

Windows 10 computers are laced with WIFI features. This feature lets you connect your computer to the network quickly. You can surf the web using your Windows 10 computer after connecting it with a secured internet network with the help of WIFI. You can connect Windows 10 with your mobile network or router’s network. The process to connect Windows 10 to a WiFi network is not so difficult. But sometimes you might face issues while connecting the device to your home network. These issues may occur due to different technical factors. People who are facing difficulties in connecting Windows 10 to the home network need to pay attention to the factors due to which they are unable to connect. Usually, you can fix Windows 10 can’t connect to this network issue with a little effort and sometimes you may be puzzled while fixing it.

windows 10 can't connect to this network

For the people who are not sure about how to fix the issues that they are facing while connecting Windows 10 to WiFi, we have mentioned the clear tips on this page. These tips will help you to resolve the issue quickly. Let’s start discussing the ways to solve the Windows 10 can’t connect to this network issue.

Why does my Windows 10 WiFi can’t connect to this network?

Windows 10 users might face problems in connecting their devices to a network due to factors like:

  • WiFi is disabled on the device
  • The network is not available in your area
  • Security Key is not correct
  • Network adapter settings are not correct
  • The router is not working

These were some common factors that may resist you to connect Windows 10 to a WiFi network. However, these factors are temporary but you need to implement a specific approach for each factor to fix it. In the section below, we have mentioned the tips that will help you to fix the Windows 10 that can’t connect to this network issue effectively.

Solutions to fix the Windows 10 WiFi can’t connect to this network issue

The solutions that are given below let you connect the Windows 10 more efficiently. All you need to do is, follow the tips carefully to fix the issues that are creating trouble.

Solution 1: Enable WiFi on your device

Windows 10 devices come with a network icon in the taskbar that lets you connect the device easily to any network by clicking on this icon. You can check that whether the WiFi is turned on or not. If the WiFi is disabled on your computer then visit the network settings to turn it on manually. After enabling WiFi on your computer, you need to find the network and enter the security key to connect it with the router’s network.

Solution 2: Place Windows 10 in the network area

It might be that you are trying to connect WiFi to your computer from a place where the network coverage of your router’s network is very poor. In such a situation, you need to place Windows 10 near the router. Otherwise, your device may not be able to detect the network with which you are looking to connect it.

Solution 3: Enter Security Key Correctly

Many people make this common mistake and they get issues in connecting Windows 10 to WiFi. Entering the correct security key is essential as it let you authenticate the connection process. If you are not sure about the security key of your router then you need to confirm it first. Once you get the correct security key then you need to enter it carefully in the corresponding fields.

Solution 4: Configure the Network Adapter Settings

Sometimes configuring the network adapter settings may help you to fix the Windows 10 can’t connect to this network issue. You can easily change the network settings by approaching the steps that are given below:

  1. On your Windows 10 computer, find the ‘Network’ icon
  2. Then, click on it to see more options
  3. Look for the ‘Network and Internet Settings’ option and click on it
  4. Then, you will find the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option, click on it
  5. Right-click on the ‘Ethernet’ option from your screen
  6. Now, choose the ‘Disable’ option
  7. Wait for a while and then enable this option
  8. Check that the issue is fixed or not

Solution 4: Check the working status of the router

You may face issues in connecting Windows 10 to your router’s network if the router is not working properly or is turned off. You can fix this issue by looking for the working status of your router. If the router is showing red lights then check the end of the cable or try a proper way to fix this issue.

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To sum up, the Windows 10 computers can be easily connected with the router networks. But in case you are one of them who are facing the Windows 10 can’t connect to this network issue then you can fix this issue with the help of clear tips that we have mentioned above on this page. While entering the router password, make sure that it is correct. Hopefully, you have learned about the solutions that can help to fix issues that you are facing while connecting Windows 10 to your home network.

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