Linux vs Windows 10: Let’s find out the difference


Speaking about Windows operating system, we can say that it is a collection of operating systems that graphical developed by Microsoft for its users. The main target behind the development of this OS is to offer users a simple and easy computing market. You can easily get this operating system in two different versions i.e. 32 bits and 64 bits.

Linux vs Windows 10

On the other hand, Linux is a collection of Unix-like OS that is based on the Linux kernel which you can easily get for free. Although it is used for the servers, you can always use it like the desktop version.

So, in today’s post, we shall be comparing Linux vs Windows operating systems based on their performance. This shall be followed by making a clear-cut discussion on their pros and cons.

Linux vs Windows 10 gaming performance

Currently, Linux offers as many as six to seven thousand games to its users which can be easily availed on Steam. However, on the other hand, there are more than thirty thousand games available for Windows PC users and these games are available on Steam. Although there are more games in Windows, Linux is working hard to make an addition to this number every year. This is, however, one of the best news for Linux users. In addition to this, the games that are available on Windows can also be played on Linux using Wine.

Now, the question is which one would you choose as a gamer? Well, if you find all your favorite games on Windows, you can opt for Windows or vice versa. After making a comparison on Linux vs Windows 10 on the basis of gaming performance, we shall now discuss their differences based on the Programming feature.

Linux or Windows better for programming

If you are an amateur or budding programmer, then you should opt for Linux distro operating system. Since this operating system supports almost all kinds of programming languages such as Python, Julia, Clojure, Ruby, C, and C++, therefore you should opt for Linux as your operating system. Bash scripting, which is quite essential for the programming users is present in Linux, by default which is quite amazing for the users while this is not available in Windows operating system.

Pros and cons of Windows and Linux

Pros of Windows

  • Ease-of-usefulness-this is one of the reasons why most people opt for this operating system. You can easily get your hands on tools, programs, and menus.
  • Huge collection of software- users are given the opportunity to choose from a huge collection of software that is available to serve different purposes.
  • Backup feature- in case you update your operating system, you will be able to get hold of your old data as you can easily back it up.

Cons of Windows

  • Requires high resources-┬áTo run your PC on Windows operating system, you are required to do some investment in hardware. You will need a faster processor for the same i.e. a good and compatible CPU, internal memory, and so on.
  • Closed source-only Microsoft has the ability to know what wring is going on in their PC due to which Windows users are not able to resolve problems on their own.
  • Weak security-in comparison with other operating systems available in the market, the security of Windows OS is quite weak.

Pros of Linux

  • Easy installation-you do not require much effort to install this operating system on your device.
  • Modification-in case you are a developer and you know what you want your PC to look like, then you can make the necessary modifications on your own.
  • Free OS-if you do not know this amazing fact about Linux, then you will be amazed to know that Linux can be availed for free.

Cons of Linux

  • Non-user-friendly-users may not find it as easy to use as they would find the Windows OS or any other operating system.
  • Lack of dedicated tech support-in case you fall into trouble, you will not be able to resolve problems with it immediately as it does not have a good support service.
  • No actual drivers-users have found it difficult to use some hardware on this operating system because there are no real drivers.


Among several operating systems available, there are a few operating systems that are ruling the marketplace. Since we are getting more digital each day, it is very important to choose an operation that gives us the optimum performance needed to keep pace with the ever-growing world. Hopefully, this comparison on Linux vs Windows 10 has proved to be helpful.

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