How to Reset Vizio Smart TV Without Remote?

U.S. Vizio Inc is a private manufacturing company that deals in television and soundbars as their products. Vizio, since its inception, has worked a great deal towards giving people the best entertainment experiences with their products. And yet, some problems may occur that take you to a place when you’ll have to reset Vizio TV.

Reset Vizio TV

In this read, we’ll be talking about all the common and usual issues problems that may come your way with the Vizio TV. These problems include users not being able to turn the TV on, unable to reset over-the-top streaming service, back screen, inactive remote control, and the like. Let’s move ahead to the Vizio TV problems and their resolutions.

Reset Vizio TV Black Screen

The most common issue that leads you to the “reset Vizio TV” option, has earned a renowned title- The Black Screen of Death. The TV screens simply go black for failure in the power supply board, backlight issues, and a few more. This is how you resolve the problem:

  1. Start with turning your TV off and unplugging it.
  2. Wait for 15 to 30 minutes and plug-in your TV.
  3. Hold the power button pressed for a few seconds.
  4. Release the button and turn it on.

NOTE: If this doesn’t work, try replacing the HDMI cable, keep track of the Power Save Mode, or replace the power board of your TV.

Vizio TV Remote Not Working

Either the batteries are low, the TV sensors are blocked, the memory of the remote is stuck, or several other reasons for the issues with your remote. Here are the resolution ways:

  • Change the battery cells.
  • Get the way to your TV sensor clean.
  • Turn the remote off and on.
  • Try power cycling the TV.
  • Reset the remote with the “Setup Button”.

Reset Netflix on Vizio Smart TV

There might be issues like “Netflix is not loading”, “content is not playing”, and the like. Let’s see the ways to fix them:

  • Ensure good network connectivity and fast downloading speed.
  • Check the official website for error code resolution instructions, if any.
  • Reboot your Vizio TV (Turn it off and on after a specific waiting time).
  • Adjust your TV to reset the Factory Settings.

Reset Vizio TV to Factory Settings

When you choose to reset Vizio TV, any setting changes and submitted data would have to be entered again. Let’s see how to set it to default settings:

  1. Hit “Menu” on the Vizio remote.
  2. With the arrow buttons highlight the System> Hit “OK”.
  3. Go to “Reset & Admin” option and hit “OK”.
  4. Go to “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” to hit “OK”.
  5. Type in “0000” as the password when prompted.
  6. Select the “Reset” option.
  7. Wait for the TV to turn off and then turn on.


  • Enter the above password only if the parental code hasn’t been set manually.
  • The process to reset Vizio TV will begin when the TV turns back on.

Reset Vizio TV That Won’t Turn On

Here are a few things you can do to reset Vizio TV when it won’t turn on:

  • Ensure a working remote.
  • Ensure a reliable power source.
  • Get your TV to be power cycled.

Other Vizio TV Problems

Another big issue is when you find it difficult to remember your password. In such cases, you should visit the official website by Vizio and attempt to reset the Vizio TV password. You will receive a link to your email address and can do it with ease. If you’re still facing issues while trying to reset Vizio TV, it might be the right time to get in touch with the company’s customer support and get the problems fixed.


“Reset Vizio TV” is a common solution that a lot of people choose when they face any trouble with the smooth operation of their TVs. Problems might be when your TV screen turns black, the remote does not work, You can’t stream Netflix, or you just have forgotten your Vizio TV password. The above read gives you a clear picture of how you can solve these issues by following certain steps. But if you still are unable to overcome the obstacles, you should just go ahead and contact customer support.

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