How to reset Roku pin?

It is important to understand that a Roku pin is a four-digit code that can be easily set from your Roku account that will help the user to manage the payments along with the channel additions. You can easily enter the Pin on your Roku device to make an on-time purchase and then you can subscribe to the premium content from the channels that will support it. The payment made with this process is known to be the Roku pay.

reset Roku pin

If you wish to perform a Roku pin reset then it is important to acknowledge that performing a factory reset will remove all sort of personal data that relates to the settings, network connections, Roku data along with menu preferences. Once completed you can repeat the guided setup and reconnect to the Internet, re-linking to the Roku account and then loading the Streaming channels again. In this article, you will learn the basic steps for the Roku pin reset process.

What are the steps to perform the Roku pin reset process?

  1. Press the “Home” icon on the Roku remote to access the main screen.
  2. After this scroll down and tap on the “Settings” option.
  3. Tap on the right arrow button and tap on the “System” option.
  4. After this, tap on the arrow button and choose the option labeled as “Advanced system settings.
  5. Tap on the arrow button and tap on the “Factory reset” option.
  6. You have to tap on the “Factory reset everything” option.
  7. All you need to enter the code that is listed on the screen and tap on the “Ok” option.
  8. There is a code that is generated every time you Roku pin reset.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that in the article you have received all the meaningful insights to perform the Roku pin reset process. However, if you have queries or issues related to the topic then we strongly recommend the users visit the Official Roku website to get the guidelines along with articles and blogs related to the Roku pin to reset.

Frequently answered questions:

Is there a default Roku pin?

It is important to understand that there is no default Roku pin and you must specify a Pin for the Roku account once you set up the pin. You can set the Roku pin whenever you access the Roku account according to you. So, there is no default Roku pin that is set to access the Roku account.

How do I reset a used Roku?

To perform a reset for the Roku device you need to use a paper clip or other this pin. Just press and hold the “Reset” button that is present at the back of the device for at least 20 seconds or till you see the “Roku welcome” screen on your TV.

How do I manually reset my Roku?

For this, you have to follow the instructions, first of all, you have to press the “Home” button on the Roku device. Just scroll up or down and choose the “Settings” option. Followed by this,  tap on the “System” option, and tap on the “Advanced system settings” option. Just tap on the “Factory reset” option and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I bypass Roku pin?

Go to the “my.roku” website and enter “” in the address of the browser. After this, sign in to the “Roku”  account and insert the user id and the password with the Roku account. Now, tap on the “Update” option and locate the Pin preference. Just verify the Pin and save changes. By this, you can do a Bypass for Roku pin.

Why is my Roku pin not working?

You can either log in to the Roku account online and then update the Roku pin or you can easily perform a factory reset on the device by tapping the “Settings” option followed by the “system” and then go to the “Advanced system” settings. Then you just have to Factory reset and then link the device to the Roku account this will resolve the Pin issue, not working. This might occur when there is an invalid entry of the Roku pin.

Where is a reset button on the Roku stick?

First of all, you need to navigate to the “Settings” menu.  Now, select the “Advanced system” settings. After this, you need to tap on the “Factory Reset” and enter the pin code on the screen, You just locate the “Reset button” on the Roku device. Just hold down the Reset button till the device gets reset.

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